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About The Academy of the Engineering & Medical Science


mission and Message:

Our mission is care and quest towards an integrated university responding to the needs of society in terms of development by graduating qualified cadres to work in the fields of industry, and hold a prominent position among its university counterparts in and out of the country.



Location of the Academy of the Engineering & Medical Science:

The Academy is located in a quiet place south to Khartoum centre (Lamab area). This location is strategic and may be reached easily from all other districts of the Capital. The surrounding area has been recently developed and provided a beautiful and nice place that overlook Khartoum from the south. The region is characterized by multitude and plenitude of common services.



Programs of the Academy of Engineering& Medical Sciences:

The Academy of Engineering Sciences (AES) was established in 2001 with two specialties, computer engineering and communication engineering, in addition to two medium Diplomas in computer and communication engineering. Then AES aimed to widen the base of engineering, and therefore two programmes were added. These are Power engineering and Control in addition to Architecture. Later we had also added more programs with the ambition to serve the community and qualify for promotion to an integrated university capable of providing all the society needs.

Our present existing programmes are:

  1. Power Engineering.
  2. Computer Engineering.
  3. Communication Engineering.
  4. Architecture and Planning Engineering.
  5. administration sciences: (Business management, accounting, marketing, human resources)
  6. Mathematics and Computer Science.
  7. Information technology.
  8. Medical Engineering program.
  9. Nursing Program.
  10. Mechatronics program.
  11. Medical Labs program.

One of the vital turning points in the development of the Academy of Engineering Sciences is the adoption of higher studies and scientific research. Indeed we have obtained an approval from the Ministry of higher education and scientific research to add the following master programs. These programs had already started with many students enrolled. The programs are:

1. Master of Computer Engineering.

2. Master of Communication Engineering.

3. Master of Power Engineering.


Teaching staff:

The staff members are sufficient ranging over all different fields of Engineering and Science. We cover all specialties mentioned in the offered programs. Around 52 staff members are teaching in the Academy, out of which 20 are holding a Ph.D degree. There are also 6 full Professors running the Graduate Programs.


The Centre of Higher-study and scientific research

The Academy of engineering sciences (AES) has strengthened the scientific research by establishing a centre for this purpose under the name of Sudan Centre for Higher-studies and scientific research. The centre objectives are several.


Some of its objectives are:

1. Gathering of science and engineering researchers over all the country for production and promotion of engineering and science research.

2. Participation of researcher in the development of technologies in and out of the country.

3. Qualification of graduates for higher degrees in science and engineering such as Higher Diplomas, Master degree, and Doctoral degree.


The Administration:

The administration comprises:

1. The president of the academy.

2. The Head of the committee of the finance and administration.

3. The Academic Affairs secretary.

4. Programs coordinators.

5. Director of Higher studies and scientific research.

6. Student affairs secretary.

The Academy of engineering sciences preserves institutionalism and therefore the organization of boards and committees is the main support for the flow of work at Academy. The board of trustees on top, to be followed by the Academic board, programs council’s boards besides the committees of the different activities and administrations. The committees include:

  • The Financial and Administrative Committee.
  • The Postgraduate studies committee.
  • The higher committee for scientific research and cultural relations.
  • The higher committee for quality control.

All these are considered as the base for academic and administrative authority.


Values & ethics of the Academy of Engineering& Medical Sciences:

1) Being fair in dealing with service receivers without discrimination on the bases of sex or educational/social level in accordance with our religion and commitment to ethics of the profession.

2) Transparency and clearness with the student or service receiver regarding his/her rights and obligations in a way that assures a stable life for them.

3) Adoption of modern technology in all administrative and academic work.

4) Self-Evaluation and quality under the umbrella and support of the University Presidency.

5) Classification of regulations, systems, instructions and decisions related to the organization of the academic issue with the goal of providing quality ideal and performance.


The infrastructure and environment:

The buildings of the Academy include 13 lecture halls, 7 laboratories that serve the all specialties and have been constructed with international specifications. The Academy is characterized by a Library constructed at the most modern style; it includes the digital and traditional libraries. Having completed the infrastructure, under accurate supervision of the Academy administration, structured the buildings containing lecture halls and laboratories, provided the elements assisting the lecturing operation and having completed the fundamental academic bases of the Academy in regard to departments of the Academy and programs expected to be constructed during the upcoming phase, the administration of the Academy has now provided and furnished the main, digital and traditional libraries and equipped their halls with modern machines and equipment. The administration has also been careful to grow trees, establish gardens and set up a good cafeteria in the Academy, with the latter providing high class service to students. Further, the administration has distributed water coolers in the different parts of the Academy, not to mention the provision of playgrounds for sports for such games as basket ball, volley ball, football, billiards, etc.


Students Affairs:

One of the most active divisions in the Academy of Engineering Science is the Students Affairs. Infact the objectives of student’s activities out of class are taken seriously. All sorts of student’s activities exist, intellectual, cultural, social scientifical and Sport activities. The Academy contributes in the Annual National Ceremony for Students Activities and has been rewarded the Prize for the best organization of student activities offered from the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research.


The Graduates of the Academy:

The Academy of Engineering Sciences has graduated eight from several specialties. The Academy is monitoring the graduates scientific and career tracks. The records are infact promising and add confidence in the future of the Academy graduates. Most of their hold jobs in the work market and some earned Ms.c and Ph.D degrees. The Academy has established a unit for Graduate Affairs. The role of this unit is based on sustaining the relations between the Academy and Graduates by constructing various channels of contact, communication and cooperation aimed at serving the Graduates, Academy and local community. It is also aimed at granting distinguished graduates opportunities of participating in the programs of the Academy to match the Academy’s mission of graduating qualified students capable of fulfilling the various needs of various fields of activity.

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